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My mother did me the favor of encouraging me to do anything I put my head to as a kid. I was a pipsqueak with a fearless personality. The family bet that I’d become an artist, comedian or lawyer-- I had a knack for creativity, a sense of humor beyond my years and unbridled determination.

Turns out, I'm a creative strategist. I've dabbled in every step of the creative process to bring my big ideas to life. The heart of my work is diverse culture. I find tremendous inspiration in everyday art; the vibrant terracotta roof tiles in Miami, the timeless music scene in Harlem, or the gut-busting humor on Twitter. 

There are few things in life that get by on good looks and charm, but I believe brands are one of them. With compelling visuals and a captivating storyline, I help brands tell real stories to engage with a rainbow of audiences. 

2018 Titles_LianaTeresa-02.png
Liana stands out in developing ideas that are authentic and culturally relevant, and has demonstrated the ability to push teams to try new ideas and look beyond the status quo
— Maria Jaramillio, General Mills
Her charisma and dedication to provide creative and innovative ideas is done in a thought provoking manner. More importantly, her integrity and hard working efforts in making sure that the job is done well speaks volumes. She is highly competent and has great balance.
— Vonda Malbrough, North Fulton Community Charities
Her insight, analysis, and writing skills are impressive and mature. She has a great attitude and is varied in her skills. Liana can take a project and run with it, with excellent results.
— Debi Schadel, Flock + Rally
Liana possesses all the skills and talent expected of a professional. However, what truly makes Liana shine is her humble, giving and adventurous spirit.
— Ros Guerrero, Ficklets Eyewear