Leo Burnett's Cosmo UK cover design

Leo Burnett UK designed this month's cover of Cosmo UK to protest "Honor Killings". In my opinion, it's gutsy in light of the Charlie Hebdo incident (considering the woman portrayed on the cover is Pakistani). 

It scares me to think that a satirical magazine, or really any controversial public expression, is now at risk. Why should the lives of Charlie Hebdo writers, or even Leo Burnett's, be threatened for presenting controversial issues to the public? That's what art, advertising and creativity is all about...breaking the mold! In America, we have freedom of expression. Freedom to produce Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball", or to talk about religion on live television...it's a freedom that is sometimes improperly used, but it's still a freedom that we have. How scary to think that people from other countries (who don't believe in this right) are now threatening our innate freedom on our own land. So keep on keepin' on, Leo! Let freedom ring!