Brands: You can't sit with us

Now that I see advertising from the "inside", I have been paying closer attention to how hard brands try to "be cool" with the millennials. Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal published a front-page article about how Denny's has recently blown up on social media because they tweeted "on fleek". Yes, this silly slang phrase (which came from a Vine of an outrageous, foul-mouthed girl talking about her eyebrows) made the front page of The Wall Street Journal. 

Older generations are mystified by our generation. We blow their minds with technological intuition and cryptic Internet slang. They don't understand why the stupidest things are so funny to us (and to be honest, I don't know why they're funny either, they just are...). What the "adults" have yet to recognize is that Internet trends are merely inside jokes on a larger scale. Trends like “on fleek” are nothing more than laughable references to a funny photo or video that have been passed around to friends enough times to flood the Internet.

However, just like any inside joke, you only find it funny if you know where it came from. That's why I find it so funny that big brands are trying to get in on these trends, when I'm sure they barely understand them in the first place. Brands pay boatloads of money to tap into our millennial minds because, face it: when we find something to be funny, we make sure it gets spread around the Internet. I would hope that the Denny's social media writer is a young millennial like me, who found the "on fleek" Vine months ago and uses it in regular conversation with his friends. Then one day, he thought, "Wow these hashbrowns are on fleek!"

What I think really happens though? I can imagine that older marketers sit around a conference table saying, ”So what is this ‘on FLEEK’ that the kids are sayin’ this week??” They probably have to Google it, or search Urban Dictionary...

Unless you're in the exclusive Millennials Club, chances are, when Denny's tweets, "hashbrowns on fleek", you'll never quite grasp how funny it really is. It's as if our whole generation has a secret handshake...and in my personal opinion, I'd like for it to stay that way. Because there's nothing more lame than when your mom comes downstairs wearing a concert tee and skinny jeans, trying to be "young again". 

(And by the way, if you're not a millennial, chances are you won't understand the title of this blog post. Gotcha.)