2015 grammys review

I love the Grammys. Every year, every time. To me, the Grammys is my version of the Super Bowl. 

Ed Sheeran and John Mayer performance was phenomenal. I'll preface this by saying that I am a mega Mayer fan (since 8th grade): I've seen him live 4 times, and every time he blows me away. Expectations were high, but were met. Mayer is not only a star, but a phenomenal feature artist (listen to "White" by Frank Ocean). He never steals the limelight, and it showcases the confidence he has in his craft. His background vocals and incredible guitar solos really added a dynamic element to Sheeran's pop song.

Coldplay's Chris Martin and Beck was another great one. They harmonized to Beck's "Heart is a Drum" and it was moving. I hope the track hits iTunes, along with the other Grammy performances, because this was a keeper. They didn't go over the top with stage theatrics; it was a raw performance that pointed all attention to their melodic voices and Beck's acoustic guitar. 

From an advertising perspective, I loved watching the Grammys, start to finish. The commercials were curated for the audience, which proved more engaging. (I found myself not wanting to run to the kitchen during the commercial breaks!) A few stand outs: Apple's "Make Music with an iPad". I didn't even know that I was watching a commercial. The art direction was on point, and the music choice was culturally diverse. Lincoln's Matthew Mcconaughey commercial has been around for a while, but it's still so captivating. The drama makes you stop everything you're doing and just focus. I love the use of a celebrity cameo in a way that is not hoaxy or promotional. And in Mcconaughey's own words, "I just liked it"