Alpha Omicron Pi Snapchat Filter Collection

You know I'm no sorority girl...but I was excited to work with Alpha Omicron Pi at the University of Georgia when they came to me for their recruitment week. AOII recently launched their own Snapchat channel and wanted a custom geofilter for each themed day of "rush". These fun, engaging designs made a lasting impression on the hundreds of potential new members that walked through their doors. This collection earned nearly 75,000 views.

  • Day 1: Welcome! This design has now been approved by Snapchat as a permanent Community geofilter at their residence. 
  • Day 2: For house tours, I modeled the original AOII sorority house, which has been a landmark on campus for over 80 years. 
  • Day 3: I incorporated the sorority's jovial panda mascot to celebrate their standing commitment to the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation on Philanthropy Day.
  • Day 4: On Preference Day, AOII sisters boasted their prestigious sorority legacy with a free-spirited interpretation of the traditional jacqueminot rose.
  • Day 5: BID DAY! The grand finale of recruitment week ended with a vibrant 90's celebration. I used clean lines and vibrant colors against a dark transparency to make the design pop in an understated fashion.

Though I have worked on many event filters, I enjoyed that this collection was spread out over a series of days. Each Snapchat geofilter has its own unique flair, while the delicate hand-lettering and sorority symbols string the filters together into a cohesive collection. Interested in collaborating for your next event? Let's connect!