WE ARE OUTRAGED. Instagram released the Stories feature this week, which is far too similar to Snapchat's capabilities if you ask us. We discuss how social media platforms jump ship to follow the latest media trends. 

In my opinion, social media is an ecosystem. You've got Facebook for broad, family and friends interactions. Twitter for your more brief, unfiltered thoughts. Snapchat for an intimate few to experience your uncut daily life. There's a place for each platform. But if they begin to "cross-pollinate", it disrupts the user experience...Facebook using hashtags...Instagram with Snapchat stories...Twitter with 2 minute videos...

At the end of the day, I'm just a girl with an iPhone, looking to show off the one time per week that I leave my house to do something exciting. Don't confuse the situation. I don't want to repeat myself on a poo poo platter of platforms.