#ComplexHustle Inspiration: you can't define me

Growing into your own skin, finding your way...it's all Mr. Krabs meme. Especially when you're creative. Society tells us to fit into a box:

"Oh, so you're a graphic designer" 

Well, yes. But...

"So you love social media...you'd be a great social media manager"

Not quite...

In this interview, Rashad preaches about our generation of creators that is indefinable. "Our creative class is multifaceted, multidimensional, cross-functional..." In every job I've ever had, I've always felt like I have more to offer. I have an eye for the big picture, but also every detail that plays into it. I guess advertising agencies call that a creative director...but what if I want to impact more than just brands?

If there's one thing I know, it's that this generation is paving its own way. No one really knows what they're doing. The consumer landscape changes every 5 years and somehow the old white men that used to know everything about marketing now can't even log into their own smart phones. And oh yeah,  a sex-tape star was on the cover of Vogue and Donald Trump is running for president. Literally. Anything. Goes. While it would be nice to have creatives come before me to set the path, it's invigorating to think that I am that creative. Right now.