Miguel on "exploring the totality of yourself"

I watched this Breakfast Club interview and felt so energized by how much his story resonates with mine. The story of a mixed Latino kid falling deeper in love with his heritage. 

Latin culture is a unicorn. It's full of love, passion, family unity, community, flavor...it's every positive virtue of mankind manifested in one culture (.....alright, maybe I'm biased). Miguel spoke about how other cultures are now learning from us. "Other cultures look at how people of [Hispanic culture] were raised with family as the unity...let's mimic that."

If you were raised in a Hispanic household, sometimes it takes time to recognize that your upbringing was more special than you realized. In my adulthood, and with the help of social media, I've put together pieces and memories of my life thus far and realized how I share a common thread with so many others. What a gift to be a part of this culture.