¡DALE!: Cholo Thanos and the Infinity Chancla

[This post originates from !DALE!, an email series that I’ve created to share relevant stories from Hispanic pop culture to my peers at Wieden+Kennedy.]

Dragging culo on this gloomy Thursday afternoon? Procrastinate a little longer with some headlines my side of pop culture.

Cholo Thanos and the Infinity Chancla

  • This incredible spin on the Avengers character appeared at San Diego Comic-Con a few months ago (sorry, I'm behind on my cosplay news) to show out for ~the culture~ 

  • La chancla (or chancleta) means "slipper" or "flip-flop", but also known as your Latina mother/girlfriend's most powerful weapon. She will use said slipper to beat the shit out of you for whatever reason. As soon as your mom bends over to take off her shoe, it's going down. And you should run. 

  • Takeaway: It's *really* funny how this person used la chancla as a superhero weapon. Maybe for general market, it'd be "the belt"? With the medieval world as our playground, how can Bud Light build characters based on relatable struggles/insights?  

First* Latinos on the cover of Complex!!!!!!!

  • J Balvin and Bad Bunny are two huge names right now; they're pioneering a new subgenre of reggaeton called "Urbano Latino", "Latin Trap" or "Trapeton". Similar to how Yachty and Uzi are evolving rap (don't @ me), these guys are doing to reggaeton.

  • What's even cooler about them is how they're unapologetically Latino, even in the mainstream U.S. They both speak/perform only in Spanish, yet have a massive American fan base. 

  • Watch this episode of Sneaker Shopping, or this interview on Complex (sponsored by Buchanan's...Bud Light's next!!). 

  • Takeaway: Very cool how Complex celebrates Spanish-language content/artists without American-izing them. Complex is adapting their platform to our diverse millennial/GenZ generation. They're not afraid to push boundaries with their general market audience for the sake of winning with Hispanic viewers. 

* JLo was on the cover, but she's LatinA...ok!?

K-Pop band just released a song...in Spanish?

  • Oddly enough, U.S. Latinos are K-Pop's second biggest fanbase in the U.S. (behind Asian-Americans). AND Latinos also make up 35% of Korea's version of Netflix's audience. ¿¿Qué??

  • The hypothesis is that K-Pop has more to offer. "It's more than music; it's a lifestyle", they say. The lyrics are more meaningful, the performances are larger than life, the music/artists are prolific, and there's a TON of content for fans (threads, forums, Facebook groups, etc). Fans are never bored.

  • Takeaway: Interesting. Very interesting. Gen Z is far more accepting and curious about different cultures than generations before. And they are clearly stimulated by plentiful Internet content, which Bud Light can take into account when developing Hispanic social content. 

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