Feliz Navidad from DALE!

[This post originates from !DALE!, an email series that I’ve created to share relevant stories from Hispanic pop culture to my peers at Wieden+Kennedy.]

While you're clinging to your final shreds of productivity before vacation, here are a few blurbs that I hope could add perspective to your work here, but could also make great talking points for when you meet your sister's Dominican boyfriend at Christmas this year. 

Karol G & Anuel were 2018's hottest couple in Latin music 

  • Karol G is a Colombian reggaeton/pop star (think Shakira with a pinch of Rihanna). Last month at the Latin Grammy's, she won the Best New Artist and her song "Mi Cama" was nominated for Best Urban Song.

  • Anuel AA is a bad boy Puerto Rican Latin-trapper known for collabs with Tekashi 6ix9ine and Bad Bunny. 

  • Rumors of their relationship started with their steamy duet, "Culpables", set ablaze by an on-stage makeout sesh, but became official official a few weeks ago with this gushy birthday Instagram post.

  • Takeaway: There's Bella & The Weeknd, Kylie & Travis, Hailey & Bieber...you can now add Karol G & Anuel to your rolodex of millennial power couples...that will probably get prematurely engaged but then spiral into a salacious public breakup caused by a cheating scandal surfaced by Twitter. 

New Spiderman movie

  • While some of us are still grappling with the fact that yes, they remade Spiderman again, it's worth noting Marvel's commitment to diverse representation in this movie. 

  • Out with Peter Parker and in with Miles Morales, an Afro-Latino teen from the Bronx. His mom is Puerto Rican and speaks to him in Spanish throughout the movie (check a clip here). The lead villain is also played by a Mexican actor who was specifically casted because the director wanted to multiple Hispanic dialects (okurrrr!).

  • What's even cooler is that the director chose not to use subtitles for all of the Spanish dialogue: "It was important for us to hear Spanish and not necessarily have it subtitled. It’s just part of the fabric of Miles’ community and family life. If you use subtitles, all of a sudden we are outside, and we are not part of this world anymore.” 

  • Takeaway: While we're happy to be recognized for our unique culture, Latinos also crave to be represented equally and seamlessly with the rest of society. We don't always require subtitles or special Hispanic versions of things. We want to feel less foreign and more integrated. Because the millennial and Gen-Z generation is melting pot that is redefining the influences that mold mainstream culture; we're no longer the minority. 

12 grapes on NYE

  • Add some global pizazz to your NYE celebration this year with old "12 grapes at midnight" Spanish tradition.

  • If you're at a NYE party with Latinos, more important than the champagne toast is the cup of 12 green grapes. When the clock strikes, you're supposed to eat all 12 grapes in the first 12 seconds to earn 12 months of good fortune in the new year.

  • Takeaway: TRY IT! Just please don't choke. 

Special thanks for participating in my ¡DALE! email series this year. Your enthusiasm for learning even the most random bits of our culture has meant a lot to me. ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! ¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! ALL THE FELIZ's.