A little reflecting

Ah, yes. The end of the semester. I have learned so much this year (which is exciting because school work has applied to my career- who would’ve thought?)

Something that I’m notably proud of is my transformation into a quasi-graphic designer. My mind has always ticked creatively; I’ve had an artistic streak for as long as I can remember. When I got to college, I was exposed to students my age that were actually graphic designing- I thought you had to be a trained professional to do that kind of stuff?! I had the vision in my head, but wasn’t able to fully execute it with the tools I had. Getting a hold on the basics of the Adobe Creative Suite gave me the boost I needed to chase what I’m most interested about in the field of PR: branding.

In addition to my school work, I also tackled the job scene. I landed a great communications internship, social media management position and participated in projects that were directly related to my field of study. My fingers are crossed for a summer internship to keep the PR ball rolling for me. With confidence in my work, I also have a strong willingness to continue growing as a student and professional.

On May 13, I’ll be jetting off to Madrid for two weeks. The food…the sights…the beach…you’ll have to drag me back home! This trip may also peak my interest in international public relations. To be continued…