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I've been back and forth from Minneapolis to various East Coast locations. Mood: click here. One of my closest friends from high school got married in Atlanta in March. How crazy that we're all old enough to start getting married...that's for another time.

Atlanta was warm and happy. All of my best friends were in one place, which is something I took for granted when we lived at home; living away from your crew is tough! In Minneapolis, I stay really busy with work and freelance. But when I reunite with my friends, I'm reminded of how much I've missed their companionship. 

We spent most of our time in Midtown, Ponce City Market, drinking coconut water, eating Thai food. If you follow me on Snapchat, or have tuned into #DosCocosPodcast, you know I'm obsessed with coconut water. I've scoured every grocery store, marketplace and beyond for the finest coconut water. Atlanta did not disappoint.

No matter where I travel, I find myself passing through this beautiful Chicago airport. The mega windows and skylights almost make me feel like I'm in the air-- look at these blue vibes! The gates are lined with eateries and shops that make you feel less gross about being in the airport. Now that I'm back in Minneapolis, I'm already plotting my next trip. I'll be seeing you soon, CHI.