Pasos at Createathon

CreateAthon was a BLAST this year! My team worked with PASOs, a group that supports the Latino community through education, support and grassroots leadership development. Our client asked for a new donor packet that they will present to prospective donors. PASOs' packet was previously in a 25 cent Wal-Mart folder and contained roughly 15 pages of information. 

Our task was simple: make it look better. However, in doing so, we would have to narrow down the plethora of information to decide what is most important to the brand. We also found that the PASOs mission was convoluted, so our team worked to create a new tagline.

My proudest moments of the night (aside from staying awake for nearly 32 hours) was my ability to direct the planning before the project execution. Our team was made up of four graphic designers and two copywriters...many creatives...little direction. I led our group in conducting a SWOT analysis, narrowing down our target audience and pushing the need to incorporate PASOs mission into how we would visually brand our donor packet.

After pounding our heads against the table trying to decide on a tagline, my idea "Step up, rise together" was what the team chose. Paso means "step" in English, so I was particular about included this phrase. It represented the organization's emphasis on making educational progress. When the Latino clients steps forward, with the help donor support, together we will rise together for a healthier community. 

The plot twist of the evening: PASOs wanted a donor packet, but a teammate and I decided that we should throw in a bonus. We designed an abstract poster purposed for hanging in local Latino establishments (restaurants, grocery stores, apartment complexes). The poster is eye-catching and decorative, however raises awareness of the organization. Because of PASOs emphasis on grassroots communication, we felt that an indirect advertisement like the poster would please the client and further its mission to inform the South Carolina Latino community of its services. 

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Poster for PASOs

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