most promising recap

Tiffany Warren told us two things when we arrived in New York: to be present and in the moment, and to be prepared because this week would change our lives. And thankfully, I embraced her advice.

Every day that I was in New York, I teared up at one point. Whether it was because of something touching that someone said, or just thinking about how lucky I was to be in that moment. (Or maybe too much estrogen.) I was completely inspired by the people that I met on the trip. To witness how passionate older professionals still are about the industry and their job was confirmation that I am in the right field. The creativity in the air was contagious. 

I learned that it's okay to be myself. Funny, because I prior to the trip, I felt that I've never not been myself. However, I recognized that to employers, I only sell my hard skills. I'm self-motivated, I'm a strong communicator, I have great organizational skills...But what I learned at MPMS is that it's okay to let the real you shine through. There were 50 other students with me that all had the same skills as me, but what they don't have is unique ME qualities

Bravo, AAF. Thank you.